Solidarjetà is a Maltese non-partisan Trade and Tenant union looking to end the exploitation of workers by organising and uniting all workers regardless of gender, race, ethnic origin, religion, class, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability, or caring responsibilities.


  • A strong political voice, fighting on behalf of working peoples’ interests.
  • Influence the political agenda locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.
  • A more equal society in which wealth is distributed from the rich to the poor, including by means of progressive taxation and other regulatory measures to restrict excessive wealth.
  • A collective society in which public services are directly provided on the basis of public need and not private greed, with a fair system of welfare and benefits to support those in need.
  • Public ownership of economic activity.
  • Decent and affordable living conditions for all.


  • Fight for higher wages, shorter hours, improved working conditions and management and control of the workplace for each of our members.
  • Promote and safeguard the economic interests of its members and their families and to assist members in obtaining employment.
  • Educate workers in trade union principles.
  • Unite and empower workers to achieve social and economic justice.
  • Advance, defend and protect civil liberties and civil rights.
  • Eliminate all forms of discrimination and racism to build working class solidarity.
  • Aid in the adoption of legislation in the best interests of its members, workers and people in general.


Democracy is central to how we organise. Our campaigns are led by members and we collectively work out our strategies to win. The branches of the union lead on campaigning for better pay and conditions. Find out more about our structure.

The best way to get involved is to join the union today! You can also make a donation or become a volunteer.